U.S. Navy needs to hire 9000 sailors

U.S. Navy needs to hire 9000 sailors

(USS Samuel Gompers AD-37)

The US Navy currently has close to 9000 unfilled positions in the fleet.  This year the Navy is requesting $33.9 billion in funding for personnel next year, that’s $2.1 billion more than the service requested this year.

All enlisted sailors on active duty (and in any branch of the military) are eligible for the G.I. Bill. In addition, the Navy offers a college fund for recruits who enlist in jobs the Navy considers understaffed, adding money to monthly G.I. Bill entitlements. The Navy also gives tuition assistance for college courses taken off duty. The Navy is currently offering sign on bonus’s up to 40,000 dollars.

 If you want to start a career on boats, the Navy is a great start. Perhaps a great career for life.

You can apply directly at Navy.com. Or just click here!


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