tips and guidance for mariners interviewing for a career in todays connected world. tips and guidance for mariners interviewing for a career in todays connected world.

Photo credit: Glen Daigrepont 4-18-2019 ~ Todays maritime industry is going through a process of change for the interviewing of mariners. Before the internet most mariners had to visit a companies office and fill out an application. Not many crew members on the boats had resumes to submit. Many times jobs were had by just talking to other boat crews and networking in the fleet. It was pretty low tech..some of that still happens, but much more is now happening on-line. Marine industry companies are now up to speed on the internet and have a wider selection of mariners, not being limited to the local population and walk in interviews. And today’s licenced mariners are not limited to a local jobs like they use to be just due to the logistics and cost of interviewing. You can now interview for compaines all over the world that have a need for your skills, the world is your oyster for the savvy mariner.

In todays high speed connected world the first tool you need to have at your ready is your resume. Why? So you can leverage your career and get the job you want before someone else scores it..

For anyone who has not put together a resume you should. It’s the best tool you can use to get noticed and hired by the people who can best leverage your skills, and in turn allowing you to leverage your career. It’s not that hard and only should take an hour or so.

Here are some helpful tips if you have not put together a resume yet.

You’re going to need, have, or get together the following information. 1) Contact information 2) USCG documentation 3) Education 4) Work History.

To get started use a resume template. It speeds up the process, shows you what you need to put in your resume, and many websites offer it free.

One of the best free resume template on the internet is Resume Builder.. It’s free and offers a wide selection of templates. Resume Builder

Another nice free resume template site can be found at resume-now :  resume-now 

Once you have your resume together keep it in digital form so you can taylor or tweek it to the job you are going after. Make sure you read and completely understand the job description and taylor your resume to show you as the best fit for that job, and why.

One of the best blogs with many great tips on writing a resume is with the website Zeti. Click here  Zeti resume tips for 45 great tips you should use when writing your resume.

You should go no futher if you have not made yourself a great resume. It’s the best investment in marketing your skills.

For those of you that have a resume ….Great. You’re ready to market yourself like the professional mariner you are. You will be ready and ahead of the pack when you see the perfect job you want to apply for, you can quickly stand out and be seen by employers searching for you.

Make sure to post your resume here at It’s only for jobs on boats …don’t get lost in the monster crowds, stand out as a merchant marine. There is no cost to you looking for a career or making a career move, posting a resume is free and always will be.

Employers are using our database now and hiring folks. Were catching on with smart boat companies who need to find great crew candidates fast, and we know the industry. Our database of resumes is growing every day from green deckhands with twic cards, to unlimited Master Mariners. You can cut and paste your resume on to the site for employers to review , its as easy as pie. Just go to our job seeker section or Click Here . Remember it will never cost you anything.

Things you should keep in mind.

Employers are going to look at your social media posting and online information. Get your act together if it’s not. Here is a great list and explaination of the 9 things you need to avoid on social media when looking for a job. Click Here for the experts advice on what not to do. It all boils down to companies are going to look and see if you come across as a professional……or not.

When you see a job posted and instruction on how to apply, make sure you follow the instruction on how to apply. Best way to get thrown out of consideration for any job is to not follow simple instructions.

Have a job in mind you know you will be good at, and go after it. When you interview with a company make sure you have done your homework and have researched everything you can about the company, it’s boats, and what they do. Let them know you want the job and why you are the best fit. Let them know what interests you about it, what rewards it offers that you find valuable, and what abilities it requires that you possess.  Be ready for any objections to your lack of a skill you know they will ask. Be prepared for common interview questions like, “Why should we hire you” be ready to show them the value you can bring to the table. Dress neat and put on your A game. Most interviewers make a decision in the first 5 minutes of an inteview. Let them know you want the job, your exicted about the possibility of working for them, and off the bat thank them for interviewing you. People want to hire people who want to work for them. That’s a fact.

And finally….When talking about money tell the company exactly what you are looking for within range that seems fair based on your research of others with the same skill in the industry. Even better if you have researched and networked and know what they pay others working for them in that position tell them so. Let them know you know what others make doing the job for them and that you are comfortable with that range. Your goal is to get an offer, and until you do, you have nothing to decide.

Now is the time, it is up to you to leverage your career. No one is going to do it for you. Happy Hunting.








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