Senator Mike Lee introduces bill that could further diminish Americas security and ability to defend it’s interest at home and abroad.

Senator Mike Lee introduces bill that could further diminish Americas security and ability to defend it’s interest at home and abroad.

 (Photo credit USMM Memorial San Pedro California) 3-11-2019 ~ Senator Mike Lee of the land locked state of Utah has introduced again an almost identical previously failed bill to repeal the Jones Act.  The Jones act was put in place to keep America strong and provide her with a fleet that can protect her interests at home and abroad. His bill if passed could put our nation at the mercy of foreign fleets.

Not only could this bill help kill up to half a million American jobs tied to the Jones act it could put our nation in danger. Any nation could refuse transporting supplies and men needed by American armed forces engaged in conflict. During the Gulf War America was forced to use foreign flagged ships and the crews of 13 of the ships carrying cargo for America refused to deliver cargo to the war zone.

At a critical time when our nations fleet of Merchant ships have (according to the National Transportation Statisics) declined from almost 3000 ships in 1960 to less than 169 three years ago. While at the same time period the worldwide fleet of ships have grown from 17,312 to 41,674. Timing cound not be worse to introduce such a reckless bill again. To remain strong our nation needs to re-build and grow it’s fleet not diminish it further.

The purpose of the Jones act :  It is necessary for the national defense and for the proper growth of its foreign and domestic commerce that the United States shall have a merchant marine of the best equipped and most suitable types of vessels sufficient to carry the greater portion of its commerce and serve as a naval or military auxiliary in time of war or national emergency, ultimately to be owned and operated privately by citizens of the United States; and it is declared to be the policy of the United States to do whatever may be necessary to develop and encourage the maintenance of such a merchant marine, and, in so far as may not be inconsistent with the express provisions of this Act, the Secretary of Transportation shall, in the disposition of vessels and shipping property as hereinafter provided, in the making of rules and regulations, and in the administration of the shipping laws keep always in view this purpose and object as the primary end to be attained.

George Washington knew the importance of a strong American fleet when he said ” It follows then as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honorable and glorious”.

As a nation to remain great we must at all cost defend the Jones act.  American citizens should let your elected leaders know that you support a strong America and with that a strong American Merchant Marine. Let them know how important it is to fully support and enforce the Jones Act. Tell them to vote NO on Senator Mike Lee’s attempt to destroy the American Merchant fleet with his ill informed and bad ” Open America Waters Act of 2019″.

Here at we support full enforcement of the Jones act and have asked Senator Lee to please reconsider and support the United States Merchant Marine and a strong self reliant America.

You can also contact Senator Mike Lee and let him know you support a strong America and protecting the Jones act and in doing so her mariners and America.

To contact Senator Mike Lee click here.



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