Rest in peace George H.W. Bush ~ Offshore Oil Field pioneer

Rest in peace George H.W. Bush ~ Offshore Oil Field pioneer

Back in 1955 George Bush while running Zapata Offshore ordered the first three leg un proven jack up drilling rig for the offshore oil industry. Many thought the three legs giants would topple over and favored twelve the sixteen leg rigs. It was a huge 3 million dollar bet and George Bush took it. The rig was designed by R.G. Letourneau and named Scorpion. Constructed in the Vicksburg, Mississippi yard she had a rack and pinion independent leg lifting system on truss frame legs that every aluminum crewboat operator respected. The system became the most copied form of jack up drilling rigs in the world to this day. The design eventually incorporated the ability to work in water depths up to 250 ft and incorporated a slant the legs outward to gain stability in rough weather conditions. George Bush was a true leader and pioneer in more ways than one. Here at boatjobsonly we salute the offshore oilfield pioneer George Bush and all you brought to the industry. Rest in Peace Sir.

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