RECRUITING SCAM ALERT in the offshore oilfield boat job market.

RECRUITING SCAM ALERT in the offshore oilfield boat job market.

Recruiting Scams alert. NEVER EVER PAY ANYONE TO FIND YOU A JOB. LOTS OF SCAMMERS SAY THEY HAVE JOBS AND ARE WORKING FOR COMPANIES>>BUT IT’S JUST A SCAM> From one of the oilfields biggest companies, a great company that would never ever charge a candidate to find a job issues warning. Every good company has this policy.
It has come to our attention that various individuals and organizations may be contacting job-seekers offering false employment opportunities in *********. These individuals and organizations may request personal information or money in order to progress the application.
********* does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates fees or costs of any kind. From time to time ********* will engage recruiting and/or placement agencies to help identify potential candidates for specific positions, at no cost or fees to the candidates. If you are contacted by a legitimate recruiting or placement agency, there should be no cost or fees to you, the jobseeker. If a recruiting or placement agency requests a fee or costs from you then such recruiting or placement agency is not working for ********* and is not authorized to locate/identify candidates on behalf of *********.
During our recruitment process you will always meet in person or speak on the phone with a ********* employee or representative for an interview before any formal offer is made. Please note that typical offers of employment would not be emailed to candidates from an individual that the candidate had not directly been in discussion with.
Furthermore all e-mail correspondence relating to employment with ********** will never be sent either from (or to) free web-based e-mail accounts, or variations of our email address.
If you receive an email that instructs you to send replies to an email address other than one containing or correct email address please treat it as fraudulent and forward it to us.
If you are asked for personal information, money or are generally unsure of the legitimacy of a job offer or information request related to our company, please contact us.
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