President Biden out to destroy the American energy sector, sends US troops to protect foreign energy producers..

President Biden out to destroy the American energy sector, sends US troops to protect foreign energy producers..

During just the first few days of President Biden in office he has made it clear to his friends around the world that they can produce energy freely and even under Americans military protection. But soon Americans can no longer be energy independent, produce energy, or export energy without destroying the planet. That Americans must be fired first and foremost to “save the planet”. Joe Biden is prepared to out do the former president in delivering the message “You’re Fired!” But It’s not a game show to Joe.

On day one of his adminstration Biden stopped the Keystone Pipeline. The pipeline, one of 1000’s in America is an infrastructure project that “would have served as the gold standard for sustainable development, while delivering the energy North Americans need, now and in the future, in a socially responsible manner and to the highest safety and environmental standards.”   The pipeline allready under construction would have employed almost sixty thousand Americans and Canadian workers and provided billions in new personal income in the USA. The project was designed to keep America energy independent and in time make America and her partner Canada a large exporter of energy and petro products all over the globe providing Americans with long term well paying employment, energy stability and peace.

Map of Syria Oil and Gas assets and pipelines American troops must protect. 

On day two Bidens Administration is sending armored colums of US military into Syria. Syria does not like us, they do not want us there. The military convoy consisted of a large amount of weapons and logistical equipment, which were transferred to their bases inside the Al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor Governorates east of the Euphrates River. The convoy consisted of over 40 trucks and armored vehicles that were escorted by helicopters until they reached their destinations. There assignment is to help protect Kurdish oil fields at a time when America is finally energy independent . “Middle East Oil is totally an un strategic asset.” “Why are we policing and protecting there oilfields in far away lonely deserts where the citizens hate us? ” Asked an Army General who’s name we will not share.

Also on day two Biden put a stop to all new oil and gas leases in the USA  on land and in USA waters. Putting eleven million US employed workers in the oil and gas industry on notice that his goal is to get rid of there jobs. Biden’s campaign pledge to halt new drilling on federal lands and end the leasing of publicly owned energy reserves as part of his plan to address climate change.

It is suspected that President Biden has learned about the oil and gas industry via his son and presidential advisor Hunter Biden, a former “Board of Director” of the Ukraine’s largest oil and gas producer Burisma. Hunter was paid for looking at the companys assets. Many said it’s a number one first class company and a great place to work even with its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, a very wealthy former minister of ecology and natural resources was under investigation for alleged tax violations, money-laundering and licences given to Burisma during the period where Zlochevsky was a minister. Perhaps Hunter has convinced his father the president that the hard energy workers of the Ukraine will be happy, willing and able to take up the slack and jobs that are just to dirty for Americans. That other countries can provide America the energy we need in a more thrifty, honest and eco friendly way. Hunter Biden had no previous Oil and Gas industry experience but was in the US Navy for a very, very short time. Hunters supports our troops protecting oil assets for his industry associates oversea’s.

But wait! There’s More!

Biden is expected to rejoin the Paris Climate agreement. An agreement the UN has labeled fraud and will never succeed it’s stated goals. All it will do is stifle cleaner producers of energy in favor of struggeling or poorer or power hungry nations that have less regulations and produce much more pollution while producing energy. Countries who are struggeling to grow, or wanting to rule the globe will not follow the rules. They will not reduce thier carbon output, in fact it will increase as other nations are not allowed to use coal or oil, reducing the supply cost. When fully implemented the Paris climate enforcement is expected to cost the loss of around six and a half million American jobs, and it’s energy independence all while costing billions and billions more to supply American’s with the energy they need.

With record un employment due to the Corona Pandemic. After one of the worst years in American history the Biden administration just put millions and millions more Americans on notice…to stand ready….. because you too need to hear the news……… YOUR FIRED!

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