Port Fourchon is now in Storm Phase III, which is Recommended Evacuation.

Port Fourchon is now in Storm Phase III, which is Recommended Evacuation.

INVEST 92-L (Potential Tropical Cyclone Two)

July 11, 2019
8:00 a.m.

Port Fourchon is in Storm Phase III, which is Recommended Evacuation. This means that tropical force winds are expected to be in Port Fourchon within 50 hours or less.

Non-essential personnel should evacuate the port. Please secure hazards and clear non-essential equipment from facility grounds, prepare office areas to minimize water intrusion damage, secure buildings with storm shutters or plywood over windows and doors, secure fuel tanks and storage areas, and remove all small craft that can be hauled or trailered from port facilities and waterways, well away from the effects of possible storm surge and high winds. Remember, all vessels remaining in port must be manned. No new mooring dolphin rentals will be accepted once Phase III has been activated; any unleased dolphins will be considered first come, first served until the storm is over.

Impacts are still anticipated to be heavy rain and elevated tide levels.

NOTE: Lafourche Parish officials have issued a voluntary evacuation; however, the Port Commission recommends that Port Fourchon tenants evacuate due to anticipated overtopping of LA 1 below the floodgates. Roads are currently open to vehicular traffic, but this will transition to road closure if tides rise and overtop the roadway between Golden Meadow and Leeville.

Port Fourchon Harbor Police will be monitoring the condition of the roadway, and the Port Commission will send out updates as they become available.

For more info visit http://portfourchon.com/



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