A&M becomes first U.S. Maritime Academy to teach accredited DP courses.

New Orleans, LA – The Offshore Service Vessel Dynamic Positioning Authority (OSVDPA) today announced Texas A&M
Maritime Academy (TAMMA) is accredited to provide OSVDPA courses to its cadets. TAMMA, in Galveston, Texas, is the first
Maritime Academy in the United States to be accredited by a dynamic positioning operator (DPO) certification body.

In announcing the accreditation, OSVDPA Executive Director, Aaron Smith, said, “The OSVDPA Board of Directors and our
staff are very excited to issue this accreditation. Going in to the accreditation process we obviously knew of A&M’s reputation
as a great maritime training institution, but they surpassed even those lofty expectations. We were extremely impressed with
A&M’s instructors, curriculum, and equipment. Additionally, giving cadets access to top-notch DP training early in their career
will pay great dividends toward the safety of our industry. In short, this is a great addition to OSVDPA’s growing family.”
Mariners who wish to pursue an OSVDPA DPO Certificate must successfully complete two (2) classroom courses, one of which
covers the theoretical knowledge behind dynamic positioning (DP) operations and the other which offers hands on DP experience
via the utilization of DP simulators. Click here, for more information about the OSVDPA training scheme.

Additionally, the OSVDPA requires mariners to pass a series of assessments as they progress through the phases of the OSVDPA
DPO Certification Scheme. These assessments range from a multiple-choice style test following Phase 1, to practical assessments
following Phases 3, 4, and 5. More information about the OSVDPA’s assessment system is found by clicking this link.
Admiral Michael Rodriguez, Superintendent of Texas A&M Maritime Academy, had the following to say, “Our partnership with
OSVDPA is another sign of how our Academy can work with the private sector to move our industry forward. I am so proud of
Captain Roth and Professor Fossati. They got the demand signal from our industry partners and made this happen. It’s a win for
all.”  This sentiment was echoed by TAMMA Marine Transportation Department Head, Captain Augusta Roth, “Our partnership with
OSVDPA is the result of years of putting all the pieces into place. The right equipment, the right facilities, and the right people
have all come together to make this happen.”

Assistant Marine Transportation Professor, Chief Mate Kate Fossati, the instructor approved to teach the OSVDPA courses was
also excited about the accreditation. “As an alumna of Texas A&M who sailed as a DPO, I know what having that certificate does
to a cadet’s job prospects. I am very proud that our cadets will be able to start the certification process while they are here,
something that they used to have to wait until graduation and pay out-of-pocket to do.”

To achieve accreditation, TAMMA was required to submit a package of forms describing its operation, curriculum, facilities,
simulators, and instructors. Once submitted, OSVDPA staff and an independent OSVDPA-Approved Auditor conducted intensive
document review and Site Visit to ensure the facility and simulator(s) meet OSVDPA standards. Additionally, the OSVDPA also
conducted assessments of the Mate Fossati’s knowledge of the DP theory, her practical DP operational abilities, as well has her
ability to use a DP simulator as an instructional tool.
TAMMA is the fifth entity and sixth training center to receive accreditation from the OSVDPA. For more information about the
OSVDPA click here. For more information about Texas A&M Maritime Academy, click here.

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