Norway’s famous ship Maud returns home 100 years later.

Norway’s famous ship Maud returns home 100 years later.

Photo credit: Patti Saltshaker Robbins ~’s action reporter ~ Bergen Norway 8-10-2018 ~ Famous Norwegian explorer Ronald Amunsen who was first to go to the South pole in 1911 set off on another voyage of discovery 100 years ago. Out to make it to the North pole on a fine ship named the Maud, Ronald spent six years in the Northwest passage mostly because Maud became trapped in the ice. Amundsen needed cash so sold the boat AS-IS where it was. Once freed she was a floating radio station and supply depot. Sometime in the 1930’s she sank in Cambridge Bay Canada.

Raised from her watery grave in 2016 with huge inflatable pontoons, left in dry dock over winter in Japan so the wood could dry out,  Maud has now been delivered across the Atlantic to its Norwegian home aboard a barge towed by the Tandberg Polar a 235 ton 114 ft. Tug built in 1967.

This historic Norway vessel made it home 100 years almost to the day that she left Norway.

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