Great boat jobs in the New Age Space Race.

Great boat jobs in the New Age Space Race. 5-16-19   One of the most exciting boat jobs afloat right now is working for Guice Offshore Marine catching space craft parts and recovering manned capsules for SpaceX.  And one of the hottest boat in the world doing the job is the Mr. Stevens a 205 foot long by 34 foot wide boat built by Gulf Craft.  She’s powered with four 3516C CAT Tier 3 main engines producing over 10,000 H.P driving Hamilton water jets to speeds of over 32 knots. The boat is equipped with three 200 HP electric thrustmaster bow thrusters and dynamic positioning capabilities. Her job is catching the nose cone off Space X Falcon rockets in her 40,000 square foot net before they hit the water. This can save Space X big money and time as the fairing’s cost around six million dollars to produce on the 60 million dollar Falcon rocket. March 3rd of this year Go Searcher a converted supply vessel owned by Guice Offshore and leased by SpaceX became the first vessel to recover a space capsule after it’s return from the International Space Station. The Crew Dragon space ship had been on a week long maiden voyage to the space station and returned safely to Earth. Go Searcher and her crew were able to recover the capsule with no problems. The mission was the first return of a space craft to an Atlantic splash down since Apollo 9 almost 50 years ago. The new age space race is just started and the future looks bright and busy for these crews and thier recovery boats. Good news here at boatjobonly you can apply to work for Guice Offshore as they need good crew. If you’re ready to make a move,  looking to do great things offshore, get your foot in the door today at GO Marine Service ..visit the job seekers section of for new Space Age boat jobs.

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