Captain Timothy Ellis mariner candidate of the month.

Captain Timothy Ellis mariner candidate of the month.

Boat jobs only presents mariner candidate of the month.

Meet Captain Timothy Ellis. Captain Tim has a Master/3000 G.T./Oceans/Towing with experience on various boats. Tim had his 100 ton Captains ticket before joining the United States Coast Guard. Captain Tim was honorably discharged from the USCG with the rank of Chief Petty Officer.

Captain Ellis’s objective is to run manage and maintain a vessel in a way that promotes safety, prevents accidents and provides the customer with the best service the vessel and it’s crew can provide , all while teaching, mentoring and promoting safety and technological solutions by using common sense and experience gained over 38 years in the military and maritime industry.

Captain Tim is most proud of being able to mentor young mariners. He also has a reputation as a good all around Master with excellent boat handling skills. Captain Ellis is an advocate for the mariner both in the field and where the rules and regulations are made.

Captain Tim is looking to run a DP 2 research vessel, dock ships or push barges on the river. Tim has done them all before, knows the job and one of them is how he want to continue his career.(” with some teaching thrown in”). Captain Ellis would also like to be on the NAVSAC for the USCG. With over 4 years in charge of search and rescue in Alaska while with the USCG he feels he can bring value to the industries safety goals of no accidents.  Captain Tim has lots of experience in the offshore oilfield including being involved in the efforts to help at the Deep Water Horizon while running the C-Freedom.

The Captain’s favorite boats so far in the Merchant Marines was the C-PIONEER for ECO. ” She was an older boat but had plenty of power, Kort nozzles, carried a lot of cargo and handled like a dream” say’s Captain Tim.

Captain Tim also has an extensive list of STCW Ratings, Training and Certificates.

To contact Captain Tim Ellis directly call  (207) 542-5609 or e-mail

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